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We help businesses transform their digital experiences to better engage customers, improve their business processes and achieve sustainable lead generation.

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Customer-Centric Strategy

The digital revolution is accelerating at such a rate that it’s fair to say that most businesses are playing a game of digital catch-up. We help our clients envision and implement a progressive ‘customer-centric’ strategy that embraces their digital opportunities. Our approach utilises short-term and long-term planning, digital trends, customer insights and rapid prototyping to improve customer engagement and drive sustainable business growth.

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User Experience Design

A great user experience (UX) is the key to gaining competitive advantage in the digital economy. Great experiences are valued and shared, whereas poor experiences reflect badly on your brand and create a barrier between customers and your business. We use industry leading UX methodologies to get to the heart of what your customer’s value and design compelling experiences that improve your customers’ satisfaction and set you apart from the competition.

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Process Automation

Digitally automating your processes will help to make your business more efficient and profitable. We identify, plan and implement the digital processes that will help to optimise your business and customer facing operations. We ensure that your internal team is trained and comfortable with these new processes to provide a seamless transition, improve your customers’ satisfaction and reduce your cost to serve.

Our Customer-Centric Approach

The way in which customers validate your business has shifted from the meeting room and physical store to the desktop and mobile device. Customers have more choice than ever before and expect you to communicate with them in a way that they understand and find seamless and simple. Our customer-centric approach aligns your business goals with the needs of your customers to help you identify new opportunities, improve business performance and increase your customers’ satisfaction. Learn more ›

A 5% reduction in customer defection can increase profits by up to 95%

Of customers use online channels to validate a business

Of customers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience

Our Core Services

We have been developing brands for over 20 years, but in this digital age, brands need to rethink how they communicate and support their customers. These three core services will help to add ‘meaning’, ‘value’ and ‘visibility’ to your digital brand.

Branding Strategy

A strong brand strategy is often at the heart of a business that thrives. Our customer-centric approach creates brands that ‘stand out’ and resonate with the values of their digital customers.
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Customer-Centric Websites

Customer-centric websites utilise customer insights, user experience techniques and customer-aligned content, creating a valuable information resource for your digital customers.
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Digital Marketing

Boost awareness, leads or sales through targeted digital marketing. Our integrated strategies engage the ‘right’ customers and achieve consistent measurable results.
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We work with businesses of all sizes to harness their digital opportunities and achieve their business goals.

I’ve been working with Spire for 12 months and over that time my business has doubled. They help us in so many ways, from digital strategy right through to packaging design. I think its safe to say that without them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.Sara Quilter - CEO, Tailor Skincare
Working with Brent and Julian has been a pleasure. They quickly understood our product and became subject matter experts. Their solution catered precisely to our target audiences and was tailored to our exact needs. I would absolutely recommend Spire for any complex digital strategy or user-experience related projects.Aju Mathew - CoreLogic
The team at Spire were and are outstanding with their ideas, innovation, designs and advice. They have created for us at Exodus a world class website that enables us to interact with our members, keep them updated and informed along with being very easy to manage and maintain.Gary Cottle - General Manager, Exodus
We use Spire to develop and produce inspirational communication and marketing concepts because we need excellent ideas yesterday – so don’t use them or else they won’t be able to do more work for us.Neil McGregor - Human Synergistics

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