Transform Your Customers’ Digital Experience

We exist to help businesses transform their digital experiences to better engage customers, improve their business processes and achieve sustainable lead generation.

Transforming your customers’ digital experience is more than just redesigning your website, creating a mobile app or being on social media. It’s how your business changes its digital mindset to better embrace the needs of your digital customers and utilise the opportunities and benefits of digital engagement and automated digital processes.

The digital revolution is accelerating at such a rate that it’s fair to say that most of us are playing a game of digital catch-up. However taking this ‘reactive’ approach to digital has provided poor results for many businesses. In fact, the average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company has decreased from 67 years in the 1920’s to 15 years today. It’s staggering to consider that 40% of today’s largest global companies will be gone in 10 years, predominantly due to their inability to adapt to changing customer needs.

The solution is to become customer-centric in your approach. We help our clients envision and implement a customer-centric strategy that embraces the values and needs of their customers. Our approach utilises extensive customer insights to improve customer engagement and drive sustainable lead generation. A customer-centric digital transformation is achievable for all businesses and will help you to succeed in today’s complex digital environment.

Benchmarking your digital maturity

Before you embark on a digital transformation, it’s critical to know where you stand on the digital spectrum relative to your competitors and digital best practices. Are you embracing your digital opportunities?


Lacking digital capabilities fundamental for business.

Primitive digital businesses lack the digital capabilities fundamental for modern business. Typically, ‘primitive’ businesses under-value the importance of digital and have chosen not to embrace the digital technologies available. As a result, they have neglected the majority of their customer’s engagement needs and expectations.

Customer Satisfaction15%
Digital Engagement21%
Conversion Rates24%
Digital Culture20%
Departmental Synergy7%
Sales and Leads22%
Margins and Profitability9%
Digital Talent Attractiveness18%


Meeting minimum customer expectation of digital.

Reactive digital businesses meet the minimum customer expectations by playing a game of constant catch-up. Reactive digital businesses add digital infrastructure as a reaction to support their business requirements. This leads to a disjointed digital outcome that generates poor business results and a disappointing customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction21%
Digital Engagement26%
Conversion Rates27%
Digital Culture24%
Departmental Synergy18%
Sales and Leads30%
Margins and Profitability15%
Digital Talent Attractiveness28%


Customers prefer digital to traditional alternatives.

Progressive digital businesses have learnt that their customers prefer digital experiences compared to the traditional alternatives. These progressive businesses use mobile-centric thinking and cloud-based software to enable an agile and constantly evolving business offering.

Customer Satisfaction48%
Digital Engagement55%
Conversion Rates53%
Digital Culture49%
Departmental Synergy48%
Sales and Leads54%
Margins and Profitability48%
Digital Talent Attractiveness60%


Beginning to integrate digital and physical experiences.

Immersive digital businesses learn their customer’s needs and embrace them. They invest in omnichannel customer experiences that offer their customers a seamless business experience. Immersive digital businesses integrate digital and physical experiences to give the customer a seamless and personalised customer journey. Immersive businesses have embraced digital thinking, and as a result are less likely to lose touch with the needs of their customers.

Customer Satisfaction61%
Digital Engagement72%
Conversion Rates73%
Digital Culture68%
Departmental Synergy64%
Sales and Leads77%
Margins and Profitability66%
Digital Talent Attractiveness82%


Blurring the lines between physical and digital experiences.

Transformative digital businesses offer their customers an automated, real-time, virtual experience by investing in digital experiences that blur the lines between physical and digital worlds. Transformative businesses learn their customer’s needs and support them with highly integrated fast and effective business engagement processing. Transformative businesses are able to engage with more customers, faster and more effectively, giving them a significant competitive advantage.

Customer Satisfaction75%
Digital Engagement78%
Conversion Rates90%
Digital Culture95%
Departmental Synergy74%
Sales and Leads91%
Margins and Profitability78%
Digital Talent Attractiveness99%

Connecting your business with its ideal customers

At Spire, we’re all about empowering our clients to engage directly with their digital customers. We plan for your customers’ end-to-end journeys, ensuring that you invest in a communication infrastructure that will put you in charge of your customer relationships, enabling you to capture new opportunities and respond to customer needs quickly. We’ll implement digital processes that automatically nurture leads and establish digital efficiencies that will help to manage your customers’ experiences and grow your business.

How other agencies work

Businesses for too long have relied on Advertising and Marketing agencies to connect them to new customers. Digital engagement offers businesses the potential to change that. By understanding the needs of your customers and establishing communication channels that offer value to customers, businesses now have the option of taking full control of their advertising, marketing and customer experience initiatives.

Improving business performance

According to Forbes and MIT, digital companies are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12% higher market valuation. Implementing a digital transformation isn’t about jumping on the latest bandwagon – it’s about becoming a more profitable, more valuable business.

Improved customer satisfaction

Is your business prioritising the way you manage customer engagement and improving the likelihood of your customers referring your business? Do you need to digitally enhance the way you leverage customer feedback and improve your customer interaction? Improving ‘customer satisfaction’ ranks as the number one reason to embrace a digital transformation.

Improved digital engagement

Digital experiences have dramatically increased the number of ways in which customers can measurably interact with businesses. We look at specific data points to diagnose problems, improve performance and increase digital engagement. We leverage both our data insights and our experience to improve how your business digitally engages with its customers.

Improved conversion rates

SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) are the twin pillars of online business success. One brings in leads, while the other converts these leads to sales. Increasing conversion rates increases revenue while decreasing your overall cost per acquisition. Improving conversion rates begins with an understanding of the psychology of your customers.

Improved digital culture

It’s important when embracing a digital transformation to involve and empower key stakeholders. We form an internal ‘digital team’ who’s focus is to drive a customer-centric agile culture and achieve the digital goals of the business. With the help of our culture change partners, we can assist your team with implementing culture change throughout your organisation.

Improved departmental alignment

The speed at which businesses need to operate and respond to changing customer needs leaves little room for out-dated ‘siloed’ relationships. Improving how Sales, IT and Marketing work together can be achieved by embracing shared digital processes that improve both the synergy and efficiency of these integral departments.

Improved awareness, leads and sales

If your business is looking to increase its leads and sales, then digital channels will end up playing a vital role. By mapping your customers’ journey and improving their overall experience we attract, engage and convert new leads. Adding digital process automation helps to nurture leads, improve conversions and engage your customers more effectively.

Improved margins and profitability

Data plays an essential role in achieving measurable and sustainable growth. By focusing on the relevant KPIs we can diagnose where value is being ‘leaked’ from your business through inefficiencies and poor customer engagement. We then design and validate initiatives that reduce operating expenses, increase customer profitability and drive growth.

Improved attraction of digital talent

Staff acquisition in the digital age has become an issue for legacy businesses wanting to lure digital ‘natives’ into their business. How does a digitally primitive business maintain its attractiveness and relevance to a younger more digitally empowered audience? By transforming your business digitally you’ll be investing in the attraction and retention of new talent.

The team at Spire were and are outstanding with their ideas, innovation, designs and advice. They have created for us at Exodus a world class website that enables us to interact with our members, keep them updated and informed along with being very easy to manage and maintain.Gary Cottle - General Manager, Exodus
We use Spire to develop and produce inspirational communication and marketing concepts because we need excellent ideas yesterday – so don’t use them or else they won’t be able to do more work for us.Neil McGregor - Human Synergistics
I’ve been working with Spire for 12 months and over that time my business has doubled. They help us in so many ways, from digital strategy right through to packaging design. I think its safe to say that without them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.Sara Quilter - CEO, Tailor Skincare

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