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Businesses that have offices around the world tend to do business quite differently from region to region. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. So how can you create a single global site that represents the values and business focus of each region successfully?

Human Synergistics is a global business with offices and affiliates around the world. The objective of this project was to align the offices into one core brand look and feel as well as ensure that all regions could use the site to support their various business needs.

When each region offers their own unique business solution, whether it’s due to culture or politics, how can one site work for all?

We use Spire to develop and produce inspirational communication and marketing concepts because we need excellent ideas yesterday – so don’t use them or else they won’t be able to do more work for us.Neil McGregor - Human Synergistics

Part of the solution was to tailor a unique home page for every region. A page that recognised the IP address of the user and allowed them to engage with the home page for that particular region. This meant that each region could choose what aspects of the business they wanted to convey.

Allowing these regions to conduct business their way and yet still be part of a global brand. It was also important to gain alignment on the global differences in service and tool structuring so that all regions could adopt the same principles.

The goal for HS is to leverage their success stories across the world to not only help win new business, but to ensure that their true value as an academic business is recognised across the world.

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