Content Strategy

Our unique approach to humanising data, helps our content strategies to deliver exceptional results. Reducing bounce rates and increasing traffic by understanding the needs of your customers.

Are you aligned to the needs of your customers?

Businesses must constantly evolve in order to remain relevant and aligned to the changing needs and expectations of their customers. Do nothing and you risk leaving the door open for a disruptive competitor to capture an unserviced customer need and potentially erode your market share. Our customer-centric engagement strategies begin with creating a communication alignment between the value your business offers and needs of your customers.

How we learn about your customers

Google Search Analysis

We conduct a thorough Google Search analysis of your online competitors, customers’ search criteria, attractive SEO options and content marketing opportunities. We fix our sights on realistic and achievable goals to be able to deliver your customers with the very best digital experience.

Google Analytics

We study Google Analytics to show us exactly how your digital customers are or are not engaging with your website. By looking at bounce rates, session times and user flows we can see, just how engaged your digital customers really are. Analytics offers an insight into customer behaviour.

Customer Surveys

For our digital customer surveys, we use Typeform and SurveyMonkey® to give us the ability to learn how your database perceives your products and services. We find them effective, as they offer a simplistic way to engage and educate your customers about new initiatives, products and services.

Subject Matter Experts

Within every business, there are subject matter experts that offer a wealth of knowledge. By spending time with these individuals and asking the right questions we can leverage their knowledge to better support your digital customers and learn their in-depth perspective of your business.

Face-To-Face Interviews

We conduct face-to-face interviews with key staff members, specific clients and business partners to learn from their insights about how they believe your business could be improved. These interviews are beyond invaluable if you’re willing to learn from your customers.

Actionable Recommendations

By gathering feedback from your clients, staff and key business partners, you’ll gain real insights about how they perceive your business is performing. We use this information to create actionable and achievable recommendations that aim to improve how your business engages with its customers.

It starts with a kick-off meeting where we review your business objectives.

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What results can you expect?

If you’re looking to increase online sales or generate quality leads, then it’s essential that we review and optimise how your website is performing. We utilise the latest analysis tools to gain ongoing customer insights that will help us to refine our recommendations for improved engagement and conversion. This will ensure that your digital brand is delivering customers with their optimum online solution.

Increase Awareness82%
Generate Leads87%
Convert Sales79%
Drive Growth93%