SEO for NZ Businesses

Spire Digital is a strategic SEO company based in Wellington that help NZ businesses in leveraging long-tail keywords to increase in Google search rankings.

Is ranking your business on page 1 of Google the answer—possibly not! If you think of Google as a conduit for customer searches to connect to customer content then the question becomes clear, “What are our customers searching for?” By discovering what your customers are actually searching for, you’ll also discover what they’re not looking for, and this information can be very surprising.

What are customers searching for?

Learning the keywords your customers use, simply identifies your customers’ search criteria. It also identifies what they call your services ad how they describe your type of business. The Google Keyword Planner is, without a doubt, one of the most valuable and insightful free customer research tools, that’s ever been made available.

So why do so many businesses still use keywords that their customers don’t use and aren’t even looking for? Learn more ›

How we document our findings

SEO shouldn’t be the last thing you do before launching your website, it should be the first. How can you create the right content if you don’t even know what your customers are searching for? Our Google Search Analysis documents the following;

  • How your customers describe your business and your services
  • Which of your online competitors leverage these keywords
  • The exact number of searches per month
  • Long tail, insights and recommendations

SEO: Targeting the Long Tail

New Zealand is a small and highly competitive country and therefore many businesses are targeting the same customers using the same methods. This has lead to an increased volume of Adwords (paid Google advertising), that are generating very poor results. This really doesn’t have to be the case, there are many search requests that customers are using that could provide sufficient and sustainable lead generation. So why are so many businesses missing out on these opportunities? Find out more ›

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

At Spire, we aim to get your content ranked as highly as possible on the right Google pages. However, the competition for Google ranking is growing every year and therefore it’s wise to have Adwords (SEM) as a backup plan. Search Engine Marketing is paid online advertising and is ideal for businesses who haven’t created content that is specific to their audiences requirements. For example, if you want your website to be found through search engines and yet your content is old and hasn’t used the right keywords, then paid advertising could be the right interim step. Find out more ›