SilverStripe Website Development

By harnessing the vast array of SilverStripe CMS plugins, we can create a website solution that meets the requirements of your business.

99% of all e-commerce websites fail—why is this the case? This is because successful e-commerce businesses require careful consideration and management of its brand, marketing, stock and order processing, the users’ experience and the ongoing technical maintenance and development of the site. Simply put, they require just as much time and attention as any other form of business.

Developing UX e-commerce websites

We combine our expertise in eCommerce website development (WordPress and WooCommerce) with industry leading UX methodologies and customer journey planning to ensure that we develop an e-commerce solution that gets to the heart of what your customers value and design a compelling online experience that will set you apart. Learn more ›

How brand strategy supports e-commerce

At the heart of any successful e-commerce business is brand strategy. This positions the purpose of your business making it clear to your customers why you exist. Therefore developing a brand strategy, plans for how the business behaves to successfully connect to the shared values of your customers. Learn more ›

How are you supporting your customers?

The intersection between your customers and your business is trust and support, and building rapport with customers will ensure they feel they are supported. An overall omnichanneled approach makes sure that customers receive a consistent experience over multiple customer contact channels (in-person, email, live chat, social media).

Personalised marketing

Product recommendations and cart abandonment emails have been increasingly used by e-commerce businesses over the last few years. They can often feel like spam to customers if not approached in the right way. We help you map out and implement a designed email marketing workflow so that customers find your email campaigns both engaging and useful.

eCommerce website development and design for Tailor Skincare

Establishing a direct-to-customer e-commerce brand

Tailor Skincare is a direct-to-customer online retailer selling a unique range of skincare products. We not only helped to reposition Tailor in the market but worked together to design and build a responsive e-commerce store that could scale with the expanding business needs. View case study ›

eCommerce website development and design for Tailor Skincare