User Experience Websites

A great user experience increases customer satisfaction, prolongs engagement and allows your customer to interact with your content without frustration.

If you’ve ever experienced a broken link (404), a non-responsive site on a mobile phone, or a request to ‘update’ software to view a page, then you’ve encountered a ‘poor’ user experience.

It’s estimated that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with a company without interacting with a human. Yet despite the modern customers’ preference for digital engagement, many businesses still neglect their online experience and create a barrier between themselves and their digital customers.

Creating a user experience that improves customer satisfaction and differentiates your business begins with an in-depth understanding of what your customers value. By creating a solid user experience you will reduce your cost of acquisition and cost to service while increasing customer retention and advocacy.

Responsive websites offer a seamless experience 
across every device

In 2015, mobile surpassed desktop as the main device used to access the internet. Being non-responsive now means that almost 60% of the world’s online audience simply won’t be able to engage with your business effectively online. At Spire, we create responsive websites that offer a seamless experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Adapting to meet the needs of today’s digital customers.

QV tranforms its user experience

QV is New Zealand’s leading source of property information. We transformed their existing website to make it responsive across all devices and restructured their information architecture to help users interact with their products with greater ease and purpose. This User Experience transformation made it more intuitive and usable for their customers. Learn more ›

Enabling your ‘value’ to be experienced

Digital customers expect ‘value’ from their digital experiences. We use six UX principles to ensure that your customers engage with the value of your businesses offer—without frustration. We design compelling user experiences that improve customer satisfaction, retention and advocacy. Our approach utilises the following principles:

  • Useful. Providing helpful information or tools.
  • Findable. Providing intuitive navigation.
  • Credible. Developing trust and respect.
  • Desirable. Connect with their emotions and aspirations.
  • Accessible. Cater to all levels of user ability.
  • Usable. Seamless experiences across all devices.

Decreasing your risk with rapid prototyping

We understand that time and resources are limited, and it can be a struggle to determine which initiatives will generate the best results. We use a range of rapid prototyping techniques – from wireframes to hi-fidelity interactive mockups – to quickly and cost effectively validate new ideas with both customers and stakeholders. This ensures that you only invest in the initiatives that will directly benefit both your customers and business.

Improving business performance

Customers value a good experience. 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience and 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience. Putting the customer first, is an effective way to grow a company’s bottom line.

Improved customer satisfaction

Is your business prioritising the way you manage customer engagement and improving the likelihood of your customers referring your business? Do you need to digitally enhance the way you leverage customer feedback and improve your customer interaction? Improving ‘customer satisfaction’ is the number one reason to embrace a customer experience transformation.

Improved digital engagement

Digital experiences have dramatically increased the number of ways in which customers can measurably interact with businesses. We look at specific data points to diagnose problems, improve performance and increase digital engagement. We leverage both our data insights and our experience to improve how your business digitally engages with its customers.

Improved awareness, leads and sales

If your business is looking to increase its leads and sales, then digital channels will end up playing a vital role. By mapping your customers’ journey and improving their overall experience we attract, engage and convert new leads. Adding digital process automation helps to nurture leads, improve conversions and engage your customers more effectively.

Improved conversion rates

SEO and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) are the twin pillars of online business success. One brings in leads, while the other converts these leads to sales. Increasing conversion rates increases revenue, while decreasing your overall cost per acquisition. Improving conversion rates, begins with an understanding of the psychology of your customers.

Working with Brent and Julian has been a pleasure. They quickly understood our product and became subject matter experts. Their solution catered precisely to our target audiences and was tailored to our exact needs. I would absolutely recommend Spire for any complex digital strategy or user-experience related projects.Aju Mathew — CoreLogic
I’ve been working with Spire for 12 months and over that time my business has doubled. They help us in so many ways, from digital strategy right through to packaging design. I think it's safe to say that without them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.Sara Quilter — CEO, Tailor Skincare
The team at Spire were and are outstanding with their ideas, innovation, designs and advice. They have created for us at Exodus a world class website that enables us to interact with our members, keep them updated and informed along with being very easy to manage and maintain.Gary Cottle — General Manager, Exodus
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