User Experience

User Experience has become an essential consideration when developing digital assets.

Spire Digital offers a customer-centric approach to UX design and responsive website development. We service customers throughout NZ to deliver UX design in WordPress and other CMS platforms. It’s estimated that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interaction with a business without interacting with a human. Yet despite the modern customers’ preference for UX design and digital engagement, many businesses still neglect their customers’ digital experience.

UX design thinking shown in QV's new website

QV tranforms its user experience

QV is New Zealand’s leading source of property information. We transformed their existing website to make it responsive across all devices and restructured their information architecture to help users interact with their products with greater ease and purpose. This user experience transformation made it more intuitive and usable for their customers. Learn more ›

UX design thinking shown in QV's new website

Decreasing your risk with rapid prototyping

We understand that time and resources are limited, and it can be a struggle to determine which initiatives will generate the best results. We use a range of rapid prototyping techniques—from wireframes to hi-fidelity interactive mockups—to quickly and cost effectively validate new ideas with both customers and stakeholders. This ensures that you only invest in the initiatives that will directly benefit both your customers and business.

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